Alpha Midnight

Co-Alpha of Fog City Pack, Midnight is no runt of the litter. Charming and confident, yet faithful and keen, Midnight not only embodies the qualities of an Alpha, but those of his breed – the Shiba Inu.

Originally bred for hunting, the Shiba Inu exhibits a "spirited boldness", much like Midnight's connection with the pup community. For Midnight, "Being a pup allows me to be me, to release all the switch energy I have, and it gives me a pack of brothers to love, care for and play with."

As his name implies, "I come to life at night," says Midnight. So whether he is "shiba shaking" his tail on the dance floor or on the prowl for a bone or two, you can be sure that when the clock strikes twelve and the moon hangs high, Midnight is having a howl of a time. Arroou!

Alpha Turbo

Fog City Pack's founder, Alpha Turbo is one sweet ride. Like the roar of a muscle car, his deep "ruffs" are what really make the men gush. Turbo's aggressive, yet protective, energy and drive to educate make him the ideal Co-Alpha for the Pack. "I seek to nurture and mentor other pups in their development, providing them with a sense of pride, confidence, and security as they explore," says Turbo.

Riding shotgun, with floppy ears flapping and tongue dangling sits Turbo's breed – the beagle. Known for their sensitivity to scents, deep growls and superb hunting skills, this pack dog is at his best on the prowl. For Turbo, "Being a pup is about connecting in a disciplined way with my primal and animalistic instincts. It allows me to express dominance and submission in a nurturing and playful way."

As supercharged as his name suggest, Turbo is always there when you need a boost. So if you're looking to chase tail on the back roads with this trusty pooch, strap on your racing harness and shift into overdrive for a ride you'll never forget.

Beta Pup Fawks

Fog City Pack's first Beta, Pup Fawks brings new meaning to the phrase "sly as a fox". Cunning and inquisitive with a penchant for mischief, there is no outfoxing this pup. Embodying the unique characteristics of his breed – the fox – Fawks can transform from sly to slay in a single pounce.

Much like the fox's fiery fur, his burning passion and commitment to the pup community arose like a phoenix from the ashes. "Becoming a pup was very much a rebirth into my new self, a burning away of the old so the new me could emerge," says Fawks.

Inspired by the name of a wizard master's own phoenix, Fawks is a master of many forms. Whether he is werkin his heels on a go-go stage or commanding the flame as a fire dancer, performing is just fuel for his fire.

Beta Pup Shadow

Fog City Pack's second Beta, Pup Shadow is truly a pick of the litter. Spirited and spunky, yet highly intelligent, this playful pooch has a personality twice his size and takes after his breed, the Miniature Schnauzer.

Never afraid of his own shadow, the Miniature Schnauzer is one tough pup. While more bark than bite, it's his softer side that connects Shadow to the pup community. "I get to experience a new type of chosen family that allows me to express love and companionship in a new dimension of power exchange, and I get to have a creative outlet for my inner animal."

A shadow to the Alpha who named him, Pup Midnight and Fog City Pack's Co-Alpha, Shadow is Midnight's partner in crime and trusty Beta. So the next time you’re out after dark, you can bet without a shadow of a doubt you'll be seeing him pounding the dance floor or sniffing out trouble alongside his Alpha between the flashing strobe lights.

Pup Jumper

Fog City Pack's Pup Jumper is the epitome of picture-perfect. Loyal and easygoing, with a sense for sniffing out trouble, Jumper's temperament is on the nose with that of his breed – the American Foxhound.

Like the foxhound Jumper is not easily thrown off a scent, but if he ever loses his way the pup community is always there to guide him. "Being a pup allowed me to explore a side of myself that I hadn't tapped into before, one that is much more carefree and playful. It has also helped me find a family and community."

Once a jumpy new pup, now a certified Scent Hound, Jumper follows his nose to mischief and adventure. Whether he is on the hunt for an adrenaline rush or simply sniffing around town, one thing is certain, you'll be jumping at the chance to meet him.

Guard Pup Bullet

Who is more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Meet Fog City Pack’s Guard Pup, Bullet. As tough as nails, with bulletproof tenacity and unshakeable loyalty, Pup Bullet finds these supersized temperaments concentrated in his trusty breed, the Corgi.

Much like the corgi, life isn't "all work and no play" for this pup. Whenever Bullet is off duty, he turns to the pup community for companionship and a good game of fetch. "Being a pup means being playful and fun in and out of the bedroom, it means being protective of and dedicated to my Pack, and it allows me to explore my kink side with other pups and dominant figures within our community."

Named by Fog City Pack's founding Alpha, Pup Turbo, Bullet is as sharp and quick-witted as his name implies. Whether he is pumping iron or initiating a puppy pile, one thing is certain, there’s no dodging this bullet – and why would you want to?

Pup Amp

Fog City Pack's Pup Amp is the "built to last" standard. With solid hardware and a brilliant processor, Amp is not only well-equipped, but fully up-to-date with his breed – the Miniature Pinscher.

Much like the Min Pin, Amp is programmed for loyalty with a loving temperament, but if his batteries are ever low he has the pup community to recharge his spirits. "I love the playfulness of the pup community when I started getting into it, and it turns out I would meet some other amazing pups that I would get to call my family."

A product of his name, Amp is all energy. Whether he is queuing up his favorite remix or charging the circuit party dance floor, you can be sure that Amp is one reliable source of F-U-N!

Omega Pup Arco

Fog City Pack's omega Pup Arco is one pitch-perfect pup. Intelligent and strong-willed, with a forte for mischief, Arco is always in tune with his breed – the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Embodying the ridgeback's loyalty to family, it is Arco’s connection to the pup community that resonates with him the most. "Being a pup allows me to tap into my more submissive nature and truly take care of my Pack and family. And very much like a pup, I look to them for guidance as well as pets and nuzzles."

A name that commands itself, Arco is a pup you'll definitely want to play with. Whether he is dancing to his own tune on the dance floor or simply performing his role as the omega, an evening with Arco will always end on a high note.

Pup Astro

It is said that some of the best things come in small packages. For Fog City Pack's Pup Astro, this sentiment holds true to infinity and beyond. A fiery ball of energy, and brilliant to his core, Astro fuses universally with his breed — the Jack Russell Terrier.

Balancing independence with playfulness, these “little big dogs” are a package deal. And if the solo missions ever lead him astray, he turns to the pup community to get back on course. For Astro, "Being a pup is a mindset, a way of life, and a way to express myself with little to no inhibitions. It provides a way to establish unconventional relationships with love, affection, and loyalty."

Cosmically driven as his name suggest, Astro always aims for the stars. Whether he is taking you to new heights from the DJ booth or getting down and dirty on the dance floor, Astro will surely send you over the moon.